Microsoft Surface Blog Post With Dictation

If I am going to try to do a dictation mode post. Dictation for the service with windows of a doesn’t like the word surface or water. Add to that as. Th the dictation experience on the Microsoft service is this allows a Lazard carol all full. Linda Owen have th from neat features of stuff I wonder if I can read it any better without looking at what I’m reading th em I’m just be because the microphone is not sensitive enough. The sound of a fire hold the surface with my mouse to the microphone to cushion works quite well. I live. I didn’t do the dictation setup to try to optimize if though that might be part of the reason it sucks oboe and.  At the


This really makes me want to try to cushion on a different machine and even just was a different microphone because I’m not sure if the software is bad or fish microphone really to scatter mirror will.  Talking directly into the microphone works to sort also some of your options are nice for correcting words.  That is when it works in a patent suit attention of the haven’t even though it has to come at a dinner and hendershot speaks of the period.  The only a reason I could see to use dictation is as you’re missing fingers will perhaps or to use as a creativity tool because of the brain processing for speech rather than typing or in addition to tucker.


Overall it looks like the software is pretty good and I have spoken this entire post without doing any corrections as you can see from the first paragraph it is miserable the differences May 1 paragraph was about 2 feet and from a safe hand of this last paragraph of his was my mouth right up to the microphone.  Th fifth.Publish