Is The New #SEO Not Doing SEO? Google Forcing Google+

The Two Current Types of SEO

SEO or search engine optimization has a thin line in it. There is the good SEO that is optimizing your site for search engines with the user still in mind and having good content. Then there is the other SEO that is often paid for which is strictly search engine optimization without caring about giving some value to the end user. Google, Bing, and any other search engine are constantly working toward getting the most relevant data to the user. This can be very difficult because anyone can make a website and submit it to search engines. Google is going to try to ignore SEO as we currently know it. This could make for a huge switch in search results.

The Good SEO

For those people that actually do good SEO should not be heavily effected by the change. With good SEO a webmaster or content editor will have good useful information that has a few keywords or key phrases that is targeted at the end user. In other words, the article should have some words or phrases that a user might type into a search bar to find exactly what the article is about. Like for this search I could have terms like “good seo”, “bad seo”, “Google seo”, etc. This article isn’t strictly about good or bad SEO but more just my thoughts on what Google is heading towards.

The Bad SEO

Bad SEO is when you have crap content and just shove keywords into it. You can also pay for “SEO” which often includes spam comments on other domains that will link back to your website to build back-links. Google does it’s best to ignore a lot of this stuff and with Google + amongst other things will be making a big paradigm shift in SEO.

Google is Forcing You To Use Google+

With Google planning to start ignoring sites that are SEO friendly, social media is going to become the leg up. And with Google using their very own Google+ to suggest sites, it will become the prime target for businesses. It should be very interesting to see the development of Google+ having the easy unique advantage especially considering Google is already the best search engine out there. Well in my opinion it is the best in most aspects although I do have to use Bing once in a while when Google isn’t cutting it.

Conclusion, Companies Will Have to Use Google+ In Place of Traditional SEO

Google+ will have to be in every websites marketing plan period. There is no way around it with Google supplying more than 65% of the search traffic and Google+ being the number one factor in searches.