The Real Reason Apple Keeps A Tiny iPhone Screen

To get you to buy an iPad.

It might sound a bit ridiculous but I honestly think this is a big part of the reason. Steve Jobs was absolutely insane and this is exactly the kind of thing that he would have done and completely forced everyone to agree with him. The small screen on the iPhone forces users to get something with a bigger screen. Personally I have no need for a tablet. I use my phone for general browsing and gaming, my desktop for work, gaming, research, and usually for blogging. Once in a while I might pull out my old Asus Eee netbook while sitting on the couch but not often.

Apple Users Need A Bigger Screen

I actually came to this thought after speaking with a fellow tech friend who is an Apple fan. She still needs a Windows 7 machine for general use but she likes doing her design on a Mac and she likes her iPhone and Apple TV. I don’t know many bigger Apple fans. I mean to even use an Apple TV when it doesn’t even have the app store. At any rate she doesn’t like browsing or gaming on her phone because of the small screen. She wants the new iPad of course. While I love to browse and game on my 4.7″ HTC Titan and have no need for a tablet.

Apple Forces Multiple Products

Apple revolutionized how we use devices with the app store. This got them on the consumer map after years of failing to get onto consumer desktops. Now they are creating a massive need for iPhone adopters to purchase other products. The iPhone alone is no more impressive than most other smart phones. However, if you combine it with the Apple TV for airplay it looks awesome. The funny thing her is that almost any other smartphone can do DLNA which is basically the standard for media streaming. If everything in your house supports DLNA you can share pictures, music, videos, etc all around your house. Apple doesn’t support this to force iPhone users to buy only Apple products.

Apple purposely avoids accepted standards to lock you into their products. Don’t get me wrong they do make some good products but the fact that you can’t get a great experience unless you buy all Apple really gets to me. I like having Linux and Windows running together in harmony. One o my first projects when I found a house will be to get a Linux NAS setup with DLNA and hopefully use Raspberry Pi and XBOX as a couple of thin clients.

Written on my HTC Titan