#Windows8 Consumer Preview Is Out! Where are the videos?

Ok so I personally have never been excited about a Windows operating system. I like Windows 7 a lot more than Mac OSX and Windows XP (Ubuntu holds a special place in my heart though). However good Windows 7 is, it could use improvements and with my lovely Windows Phone 7 user interface being in my face everyday it really shows.

Windows8 at Mobile World Congress 2012

Not sure about you but, I am extremely jealous of the folks that get to attend MWC 2012. And sadly I haven’t found any videos of the Windows 8 demo at MWC. If any of you know where I could find that please please shoot me a link in the comments.

At any rate I am installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview as we speak on my work laptop. And I am pretty certain that I can get my company to hook me up with the first Windows 8 license that comes through here. Because I just HAVE to test our sites in IE10 before we put anything into production.

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Idea

This may or may not be the plan of Microsoft, I have no clue, but it is what I would like to see. I thought of this idea about a year ago and it is actually basically coming to light on Android which makes me really hope that Microsoft thought of it before I did. The thought of you smartphone also being a full desktop. Obviously processing power to battery life are going to be issues to work though but with having power on hand most of the times you dock it shouldn’t be undoable. My thought was to have the beautiful Metro UI on your phone while you are out and about and then having a docking station that gives you access to the full desktop view if you like. Ubuntu on Android is starting to do exactly this because they stole the idea from me (not really but I certainly thought of it before they presented it).

So what do you think? Do you have any good videos or personal opinions on Windows 8 Consumer Preview? Or perhaps thoughts about my idea of the phone/desktop together?