Upgrading Windows 8 Release Preview From 8250 to 8400

UPDATE: I did not go through with the install last night because I was on my work laptop and the only option in the upgrade was to keep NOTHING. My IT department would likely be angry if I wiped everything off of there and I am not 100% positive I would be able to get back up and running with my work VPN setup. At any rate, I plan to install Windows 8400 on my netbook which currently has 8250 build also.

I was excited about all of the rumors of Windows 8 Release Preview being rumored to come out early. When I checked for updates on my Windows 8 8250 machine I saw that I had 23 updates. Excited, I thought that maybe the 8400 update would come like service packs usually do just in big updates.

Windows 8 Release Preview Requires an Upgrade

After a few minutes of waiting for the updates I restarted and still did not have 8400. However, it had not yet been officially announced. Earlier today I saw the announcement of its official release and I checked for updates again just to see. And I had 27 more updates. This has to be it right? Wrong. Even after those updates I had to go and get the download.

You can either grab the iso files or do the guided upgrade. I am currently doing the guided upgrade as I type here.

Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400
Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 Upgrade

Grab it here. Windows 8 8400

  • Anyone else go though with the upgrade?  Some opinions would be welcome if so.  Thanks

    • Elie

      i did the whole updates you mentioned above , but a problem remained when upgrading to build 8400 using the download manager provided by microsoft, the download completes as well as the check but when the actual upgrade starts you can’t keep any files nor any programs.. same problem happened with the ISO i downloaded.. 

      •  Yeah I went along with the install anyway and I am happy with it.  It does keep a lot of settings that you had before but I suggest backing up anything  you need or just making an image of your machine with the built in Windows tools.

  • Well I have 8250 and it appears to have gone through several Win-updates the last few months.
    Like you, I would like to upgrade it to 8400.  .. but why? 
    What has 8400 got that 8250 hasn’t?
    If I am gonna upgrade the entire thing, shouldn’t I just wait for the production release?

    Small afterthought: I have a 4 Gig PC that runs Ubuntu-64, but initially installed the 32-bit version of 8250 on it (besides the Ubuntu – they both boot from GRUB), only because the 32-bit Windows DL was so much smaller.

    Maybe I should just DL the whole $#@* 2.5 GB of the 64-bit 8400 and throw it on top of the old 8250!
    …and then of course have to DL ANOTHER 2.5 GB when it goes production.. grrr…!

  • Wait. Will it upgrade or install a new copy and keep the old one in the Windows.old folder?

    • Install and put in windows.old

  • I suggest going along with the update, of course backup anything that you have that may be important, but the update is well worth it for the apps.