One Simple Trick to Help Manage and Find Photos in Your Collection

So you have gotten used to having a nice digital camera or even just a better camera on your smart phone. AWESOME! But when you want to try to find that great picture you took that one weekend when you were out a year or 2 years ago you have to search through thousands or maybe tens-hundreds of thousands of pictures.

Sure you can organize your pictures into dated folders, or maybe even nest some folders by year, month, etc. but that takes time and still isn’t great. So what then? Tags.

Tags Play a Part In Many Aspects of Our Digital Lives

So why not in the massive amounts of images that we have stored on our computers? Folders are great for general separation, but tags are awesome because you can add lots of tags like ‘Halloween Party’ and you can have all of your Halloween pictures come up in one search. Ok so down to business, I’ll show you the quick and easy steps to quickly getting massive amounts of images tagged on your computer. I am using Windows atm but I am pretty sure the process is very similar on Linux and Mac.

  • Select images and right click
  • Select ‘properties’
  • Go to ‘details’ tab
  • Type your tag or tags

Step 1: Select a bunch of files and right click

Step 1:  Selecting Photos and right click
Select as many files as you want here with shift + click and/or ctrl + click. You want to select files that have something in common to tag.

Step 2: Select ‘properties’ of the highlighted photos

Step 2: Select properties from the drop down

Step 3: Go to ‘details’ tab

After you have done this a few times you will notice that there will be auto suggestions. Also if you do multiple tags they will be separated by a semi-colon.

Step 3:  Go to details tab

Step 4: Type in a relevant tag or tags


When you are done with this simply click OK and you are done. You can tag hundreds of photos at a time and they are not only now easily searchable but programs can use this information to make your experience better as well.

The Cool Part, or at least one of them

Now from my Windows 8 home screen I can simply type ‘Washington dc’ and hit enter. Below is the page that comes up, and you will see that the images that I had just tagged are there.

Enhanced Search Results by Tagging Photos in Windows 8

Conclusion and additional fun

As you can see this can make for a powerful tool when you are looking for pictures of a certain place, event, person, or even if you want to quickly make a slideshow of all of your past Christmas parties. Speaking of slideshows, Windows Media Center on the Xbox 360 uses tags so you can easily show friends and family slideshows of whatever you please by simply selecting the tag that you want. Now get out there and play around with tagging your massive amounts of photos. I know someone with hundreds of GBs worth of photos that I need to show this to.