Windows Phone 8.1 AT&T and Verizon Issues

Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but I thought I should throw it up here to maybe find out. The rooms in Windows Phone 8 are a great feature which my family, friends and I use quite often. We use them for easily shared calendars and pictures mostly but then also some group messaging. One of the family members in our room is on Verizon, where the rest of the room is all on AT&T.

I am the only one so far to have updated to Windows Phone 8.1 via the developer preview and the one person on Verizon can no longer see my messages ‽

Verizon WP8 Room Members Can’t See AT&T WP8.1 Room Members Messages

My thought is to remove and readd one or both of us to the room (I am not the owner of the room), but if that does not work then I am kind of at a loss. Anyone else have any issues with Verizion to AT&T communication after updating to WP8.1? Would love to see if there are any other issues out there with things like this.