Windows Phone 7 Does What People Do

Windows Phone 7 is still an unknown to a lot of people. This happens for various reasons. Mainly because Android and IOS are crammed down everyone’s throats day and and day out. Not just on television but on the web, print, and even when we go into our carrier stores to upgrade. It doesn’t help that AT&T is more or less the only carrier in the United States that has a respectable line up of Windows Phone 7 devices. I honestly think that most people that own and iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or what have you would get much better use out of a Windows Phone 7 and enjoy it more for what they use most if they knew about it. Not just knew about it’s existence but were able to use the device and see how amazingly efficient it is at standard consumers every day tasks.

Windows Phone 7 Is A Consumer Based Phone

Windows Phone 7 was made for the end consumer period. The social integration that is in our everyday lives, the management of contacts, events, music, pictures, videos, games, and pretty much everything was designed with the consumer in mind. It is ridiculously efficient in handling everyday tasks which is something that is hard to show off in a commercial or anythings. Unlink the gimmicks like Siri. Siri is an insanely easy thing to showcase to make a phone look superior when in fact it is not much more useful, if at all, than the voice control on other devices. I use Tellme on my Windows Phone 7 devices as much as is expected for voice control and it works well. Of course there are occasions where it misunderstands what you are saying in a text and you have to repeat yourself but Siri is exactly the same.

Windows Phone 7 Metro UI Tiles And Hubs Are Beautiful

You can argue as much as you want but Windows Phone 7 is just sexy. When I first saw the commercials and even held a WP7 device in the AT&T stores I did not know what to think of the user interface. In the smartphone world people are trained with the standard grid of apps and have a hard time grasping any other design ideas. That makes it inherently difficult for us to grasp the idea of live tiles, hubs, and the metro UI in general. I however, fell in love with my WP7 while I was setting it up. When I had the iPhone, I loved it but that love was short lived. I was mostly bored with the phone after a couple of months. After that the only joy in using the phone would come with a new game or app that of course would fade into sea of apps quickly. With Windows Phone it is different, and hard to explain but I constantly enjoy using my phone even for just the everyday tasks. My nephew who is almost 2 was mesmerized by just the basic home screen of my phone because of the live tiles. I am not just talking once but just watching the home screen on my WP7 made my nephew “ooooohh and aaaahh”.

Just try a Windows Phone. If you don’t like it, you can easily take it back within 15 or 30 days whatever your carrier allows. For fun here is the first video I watched of the actual #smokdedbywindowsphone videos.

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