Simple Things That Make WP7 Awesome

One of the reasons Windows Phone is not a huge hit yet is that people do not realize how awesome a lot of the simple features are and how much it has to offer over the competition. Here is a quick list of some things that you can do just from these few default tiles.

Me Live Tile

It’s all about you baby.

  • View Facebook Notifications
  • Post to Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Windows Live
  • Change profile picture for Facebook and Windows Live
  • “Check in” which you can post to fb/twitter/windows live/linkedin
  • See “what’s new” with facebook/twitter

People Hub Live Tile

This is where you control all of your contacts information and so much more.

  • Pin specific contacts to your home screen
  • Create Groups like “family” (when you view a group each member has a live tile that will have their picture on it and show a recent update if there is one) – with groups you can:
    • Send group text
    • Send group email
    • View “what’s new” with the members on fb/twitter
    • View recent pictures uploaded to fb and look at each album
    • View profile of each member via their life tile
  • View “What’s new” with your contacts on fb/twitter
  • Have a live tile of recent contacts (this includes profiles you have looked at, texts, calls, etc)
  • View/add/edit contacts
  • View history with each contact from their profile. (history will show texts, calls, emails, etc)
  • Link google contact with fb, windows live, email, twitter, etc

Xbox Live Tile

This is for all of your gaming needs.

  • View/play/delete games
  • View/edit xbox live profile and avatar
  • View acheivments in depth
  • View/send messages
  • View friends profiles and compare their acheivements to yours
  • See recent games you and your friends have played
  • View beacon requests
  • Xbox live spotlight which will have news about features and games

Messaging Live Tile

Here you will spend time texting your friends and maybe even facebook chatting if they aren’t responding to texts

  • Update your status on Facebook chat
  • Send text messages, but there is more. Messages are labeled as threads because instead of just being a text message conversation you can switch on the fly over to Facebook chat. Or you can start on Facebook chat and switch over to SMS and have the whole conversation in one Thread
  • View who is online with Facebook chat

This is just a short list of some of the everyday things that I use on my HTC Titan with Windows Phone 7. I didn’t even get into the pictures hub, Microsoft office hub, Music hub, and some of the HTC software that came alone with it. If you haven’t checked out a Windows Phone 7 I suggest you take a look at it. I mean what can it hurt to look? Afraid you will fall victim to a WP7 cult or something?