Nokia Lumia 900 WP7 OS 8107 On WP Bench

I have been playing with my HTC Titan and decided to checkout the WP Bench app. For those of you that do not know, WP Bench is a benchmark app for Windows Phone 7. With WP Bench you can benchmark speed, display, and battery of your WP7 devices. My HTC Titan just scored 93.8 and 91.4 in the two tests that I ran. The speed test includes CPU (sequential and parallel), Data (memory and storage), and GPU (acceleration/fillrate). WP Bench is a nice tool to see how different WP7 devices stack up.

WP Bench Web Stats

Another part of WP Bench is being able to see the stats of other users and devices. There are nice in depth numbers and charts to show you what devices are used and how well they perform. In my test just now I am seeing that the newest device added is the Nokia Lumia 900. This device has been rumored for some time and most commonly seen code named “Ace”. Another thing is the OS version of WP7 that this device is running. WP Bench shows the device as running OS 7.10.8107. Is this the next small Tango update or perhaps something bigger?

WP7 OS 8107 Tango, Apollo?

Doing some searching around for this build of WP7 I came across an interesting page with a breakdown of the different OS versions detected by LynxInteractive and displayed here. This data has only been taken from October 22, 2011 as the page states. One of the things that I find interesting is that if you search for 8107 you see not only Nokia devices with it but an HTC and Samsung device. There have been rumors of Nokia, HTC, and Samsung having LTE enabled devices by the middle of 2012. So does WP7 OS version 8107 = LTE enabled WP7? I hope so. And I hope that we see some LTE soon. It is also nice to see even more OS versions in the list that I linked above. It looks like Microsoft is trying to pump out Windows Phone 7 updates as readily as they can. So what do you think? Will we see Tango (or another WP7 update) in the next couple of months?