Free Custom Ringtones For Windows Phone 7 WP7.5

It turns out that it is ridiculously easy to create ringtones for your WP7 devices. In short all you need is an audio file that is under 40 seconds long and has the genre set to “Ringtone”. That’s all there is to it. You can do it in iTunes even if you like. I chose to use Audacity for my audio editing which can offer a lot more options than just clipping a file. You could do your own mixes, control volume per channel, etc. This little video is simply going to show you the most basic way to prepare a ringtone for your Windows Phone 7 device and how to get your WP7 device rocking out when your friends call.

Create Custom Ringtones For Windows Phone 7

  • Install Audacity from here For mp3 export you will need LAME for Audacity and here are the instructions
  • Open the file you want to be a ringtone in Audacity
  • Clip out the parts of the song you don’t want, leaving less than a 40 second clip
  • Click: File | Export and set the file name to what you want and select mp3 for file type
  • When the meta data window comes up you need to change Genre to be “Ringtone” without quotes. (this is how WP7 knows it’s a ringtone)
  • If you saved it into a folder that is already in you Zune library it should appear within seconds, but if not then move it into your Zune library
  • In Zune locate the file and confirm that it plays, then drag it do your device in the bottom left corner to sync it
  • Now on your WP7 device go to: Settings | ringtones + sounds | Ringtone (here you should have a section at the top labeled “custom” and you ringtone should be in there)

I the video I have a desktop with Windows 7 on it, Audacity, Zune, and my device is the HTC Titan. You can substitute Audacity for anything that will clip an audio file down to under 40 seconds. If you make your video exactly 40 seconds or longer it will not work.

In Short WP7 Custom Ringtones Are Easy

  1. Make sound clip under 40 seconds
  2. Set the genre to Ringtone
  3. Sync with your WP7 device

If it does not appear on your phone make sure that the file is under 40 seconds. I tried to do one that was 40 seconds and it would not work so it seems that it has to actually be 39.99 seconds or less. If you have any problems getting Audacity to export the mp3 let me know and I can try to get more details. If you have created ringtones in iTunes before you can easily do it that way as well just without having to change the file type and instead changing the genre.