Easily Share Calender Events Across IOS, WP7, PC, Mac, and Probably Android

Every try to set up an event with your friends and have to text someone the date, time, or location multiple times? Or maybe you even have to call them. If you just put the event in their calendar then a lot of these problems can disappear. This is a feature that has been around for a while on different platforms but I don’t think that it gets the recognition that it deserves. Managing schedules is one of the biggest uses for a smartphone and many of us don’t ever see the full potential of our devices in that aspect. Siri has the neat new voice calendar entry which can be very useful but one issue with moving towards using smartphone calendars instead of the big one on the fridge is staying in sync.

Sync Your Gmail Calendar With WP7

This is extremely simple and I assume most of you have already done this if you use your gmail calendar. To get your calendar syncing you simply go to: Settings | email+accounts | Google and check the “Calendar” checkbox. When it is done syncing you should have your gmail calendar entries on your phone calendar with a different color for distinction. I use gmail because it is a pretty common service, and works well across a lot of platforms.

Setting Attendees To Calendar Events On Windows Phone 7

Ok for an example lets say you are planning a little dinner outing with your friends. On your WP7 device:

  1. Open the calendar
  2. Tap the + at the bottom middle
  3. Input the information for subject/location (TIP: if you put an adress in for the location then you and your friends can quickly map to it later)
  4. Tap the “Calendar” input box and select your Google account (as long as you have already synced your gmail calendar this should appear if not read up one section)
  5. Set your time/location/duration
  6. Tap “more details”
  7. Set the reminder time/occurs/status
  8. Then under “Attendees” click “add someone”
  9. Here you can add someone as “required” or “optional”. Under “required” tap “add someone” (I have never actually tried “option” so I am unsure of the difference)
  10. You should see a list of your contacts and just tap on someone to add them
  11. You can repeat the last 2 steps to add more people (I am not sure if there is a limit)
  12. After you have added all you want, tap the check at the bottom
  13. Save your entry

Now an email notification should be sent out to the people that you set as an attendee and as long as they have their calendar set to sync it should automatically appear in their calendar. I know on the iPhone it shows up on their calendar grayed out until they accept or deny it. The nice thing with this is even if they dont sync the calendar they can still get the email and/or see their calendar online or on their desktop if they sync it there. I have not tested this with any friends with Android but I imagine it works quite well considering.

Conclusion To Sharing Calendar Events Across Platforms

As you can see this can be a very powerful tool. With simply inputing a calendar entry to your phone you can add it to your friends calendar and send them an email reminder. I know if your friend is on WP7 as well they will get the reminder alarm to go off as long as they accept your event. You also get email notifications of who accepted and who declined so you know who to expect at your event. This can take a little bit of collaboration the first time around to make sure that your friends have their calendar sync up but is handy.

You have to have the attendee’s email address set on their contact entry for it to be able to send them an email.

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  • Bruce, I spoke with an Apple rep and got the flnoowilg advice: before you do anything, turn off your calendar syn on your iphone then backup your phone in itunes. You can select to only backup by right clicking on the iphone and selecting backup. Once your phone is backed up, you should delete your Outlook calendar data. Then import the calendar data from your iphone. To do this, you click on the iphone, then on the info tab, check sync all calendars. Let me know this works and good luck.

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