Does Android Really Have More Features Than WP7?

I personally admire the Android operating system as a mobile platform. However, even as a techie, I do not care for the extensive amount of work it takes to customize the platform. I know it is usable as is but not that usable. That said I have not used Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich yet so I am strictly speaking on previous versions of Android.

Windows Phone 7 Is The Best All Around Smart Phone

Windows Phone 7 is the best mobile operating system if you are looking for a reliable and responsive smart phone. It has much less of a learning curve than Android and most tasks that a common user would perform are much more efficient on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Just take a serious look at what most common users do on a smartphone.

Most Common Users’ Task For A Smartphone

  • Social Media – If you haven’t seen WP7 take a look because it is certain the best social media integration with the ability to share on fb/twitter/etc from almost any feature of the phone
  • Camera – All WP7 devices have a dedicated camera button that you can use even if your phone is locked. Of course the camera varies per device but all WP7 that I have used have been good to great.
  • Communication – Doesn’t really need to be said but email/phone/text+media messaging is stellar on WP7 and you can even use text message and facebook chat in the same conversation
  • Directions – Bing maps has built in turn by turn voice navigation that from my experience usually gives better (shorter/faster) directions than the maps on the iPhone.
  • Games – Xbox live integration is well above par on Windows Phone 7 devices with a nice list of games that is getting better every day.

Features of Android OS Depend On How Much You Want To Pay

All of that was slightly off topic because what I was really wanting to touch on here was that when you buy Android it highly depends on the device you decide to buy. If you buy a low end device you wont have, and will never get, many of the features that are advertised. Android is obviously always advertising the newest OS version and it is misleading to the common user. Many do not realize that when you go to buy an Android device that functionality matters by what device you get.

If you buy an iPhone or Windows Phone 7 you basically have the same thing across all of them. Except that when you buy iPhone if you go for the cheap alternative, AKA a 2 year old device, you will still be left in the dark. That said it is too soon to tell where the cutoff will be for Windows Phone 7 devices is in terms of updates. But you know for a fact that it is not and will never be as bad as low end Android devices that not only may never get an update but likely couldn’t handle the next update anyway.