Tablets Are The Most Redundant Pieces Of Technology

Well maybe I am just being a bit cynical but, tablets do not bring anything to the table. Seriously think about it for a second. What does a tablet do that either the phone or laptop can’t do. Not only that they can’t do but that they can’t do better than a tablet does. Today’s “tablets” are less portable cell phones that generally don’t make calls and have crappy cameras. Or if you try to compare them to a laptop then yes they are more portable but with very limited functionality and a need for extra peripherals to perform tasks almost as efficiently as a laptop.

Today’s Tablet is Nothing More Than A Status Symbol

A phone has all the same apps for the most part and same exact functionality but is more portable. For the things the phone can’t do there is this magical thing called a laptop. The laptop can do all of the things that the limited tablet cannot do. So what is the obsession with the tablet? STATUS. That is 99% of it. If you have an iPad you have an iPhone but bigger and flashier. You can show off the Apple status of an iPad much more easily than you can show off the iPhone. Not only that everyone already has an iPhone so it isn’t really cool anymore. You need something bigger, like an iPad. It does the exact same thing with the exact same limitations but it’s big.

Before you rage, seriously think about it. You want something that has more function than your phone right? Or something more portable than your laptop? So you get a tablet….. But wait, it doesn’t have more function than your phone. It is your phone just bigger. So it is just for show. I respect you if you just want one for gaming as then it is an ok toy. Oh and to watch movies on a not tiny 3.5″ screen.

Android, tablets can be hit or miss in this area. If you are picking on up for a reasonable price it is a fun thing to customize or hack to do various tasks that a tablet normally wouldn’t be doing.

  • Ashwini Kumar

    Thanks Bkbilma, 
    Though its quite late to comment on but I would appreciate your views about tablets. 
    I also have the same view but I  admire 7′ Tablets if they have BT, GPS and Phone built-in, in such a case they will be of equally useful and better gaming and video functionality than the tiny screens, as Smartphones are still costlier than such tabs . 

  • Sorry for the delayed response but, I actually have a 7″ Android tablet.  I bought it as a testing device originally.  I played with it excitedly for a little while but the Android bugs were so apparent that I got fed up with it. 

    However, with the Kindle Fire app it has some new life.  It is actually pretty great for reading ebooks.  As far as browsing the web goes I honestly like my HTC Titan better for a few reasons.  One, the browser is just better (but that has nothing to do with the size), typing addresses is easier for me on the smaller device and it feels more natural, the difference in screen size is not enough that I feel much if any benefit of browsing mobile/responsive or desktop sites.

  • @tunnelrunner

    Late here too. I actually agree with the author of the article. Unfortunately, I think we’re in the minority…