Should I Buy Microsoft Surface RT or Surface 8 Pro

Microsoft has just announced it’s own line of Windows 8 tablet/ultrabooks, the Surface RT and Surface 8 Pro. The Surface RT is geared towards competing for tablet money while the Surface 8 Pro is a full fledged, high powered, Windows PC that has a form factor more like a tablet.

Tablets Are Redundant Pieces of Hardware

As I have posted before, I personally have little to no use for a tablet (in their current form) other than as a toy. I currently have a 7″ Android tablet that I play around with once in a while. I have little to no use for a portable device other than my HTC Titan. Around the house however I use my Android a bit and my ASUS eee Netbook. So for me, even though I enjoy Windows, I was not very excited about Windows 8 tablets. However, the Surface 8 Pro does look pretty tempting.

Windows 8 Pro Surface is Great… If the Price Point is There

With the Surface 8 Pro you will get to have all of your legacy Windows apps along with the fun, fresh new metro UI. Aside from price I also want them to include 802.11ac. Because, if this thing comes out early next year without gigabit wireless, it is going to appear to be behind the times and will have much less use in home networking. With HD streaming being a big part of my home setup and 4k-8k resolution coming out, I am going to need the gigabit wireless. Smart glass will just make everything in the network so much sweeter.

On the other hand, Windows RT could suffice just fine with remote desktop. Since I do not work while traveling much, I don’t need the full power of Windows on the go. And with how well Windows built in Remote Desktop works, especially with Windows 8, I can just remote to my Windows 7 desktop to get work done.

Windows 8 RT or Windows 8 Pro

For me it all comes down to price really. Remote desktop should be able to take care of the need for the full Windows in my situation. How about you? Is gaming a factor maybe? If that is the case then Pro might be the way to go.