Microsoft Smart Glass, Airplay, and DLNA

I like the presented features of Smart Glass. Although, I can’t help but feel that most of these features should have developed nicely through DLNA. DLNA as a group set out to make home media experience a nice seamless cross-platform experience, but so far has not been fruitful. Airplay on the other hand is a successful product but, it completely locks you into the Apple ecosystem so you have to buy a Mac, an AppleTV, and a iPhone/iPad/iPod to really get much out of it.

Microsoft Smart Glass Has The Extra Features

One difference is that Smart Glass is bringing more than simple media sharing across screens. Smart Glass extends cross-platform to offer more in depth integration with your whole Xbox experience. It will be a huge help to adding IE to the Xbox as most browsers on gaming systems are not that user friendly. We all browse on our phones and tablets just fine so make that functionality control Internet Explorer on the Xbox is brilliant. Everyone will inherently know how to browse and browse efficiently with IE on Xbox via their Windows Phone, iPhone, or Android device.

Microsoft Smart Glass is also bringing more content to the palm of your hands or to your lap on your tablet or smartphone while streaming media. You will get information about the media that you are consuming right on your mobile device. I think these features are where Microsoft is not just making up for the failed saturation of DLNA but even one upping it in functionality.

ASUS Transformer AiO

Another exciting tech announcement is the ASUS Transformer AiO. Whether some see it practical or not it is the way of future home computing and Smart Glass seems like it will play hand in hand with devices like this. Think about having just one central server in your house with multiple interface to interact with it. One can be your Xbox/TV, the other your portable screen from the ASUS AiO, another your mobile device, but also imagine an interface on your appliances. A touch screen on your fridge, thermostat, water heater, alarm system, or maybe even oven. If all of these things can be screens that interface natively with your server, similar to a thin client system then home automation and organization can start a new trend.

I don’t know about you but I am excited about my devices all being more easily connected and having one main point of integration. It would be cool if Apple could possibly jump on board and have your main machine set to server up whatever operating system interface you want and be able to switch between the 3 or more quickly. The future for tech is endless and the sooner we kill Windows XP and IE pre 9 in the world the more we can innovate.