Why I Chose iPhone But Do Not Choose Apple

Since A teenager I have been interested in technology. I bought my first computer when I was about 17 years old. It was a Windows 95 or 98 desktop with a Pentium II 333Mhz processor.

Now anyone would laugh at a processor speed like that in a phone. Bottom line is, technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. We went from desktops just starting to become big in the household to most households owning multiple smartphones which are more powerful than the computers from back then.

Why I Chose iPhone

My first smartphone was a Palm Treo 680 with PalmOS. For those of you who do not know PalmOS had already been around for at least 6 years by this time. And this time means about 2006. It is funny that most people think that the iPhone was the first or one of the first smartphones. It is no where near one of the first smartphones. The iPhone rode the waves of PalmOS, WinMO, and Blackberry to its high horse. The iPhone took something from each of these platforms. But, the one thing that Apple actually did create was the App Store. An App Store made the smartphone platform something different than a desktop, which none of the big 3 had been able to do. PalmOS, Blackberry, and WinMO were all just desktop operating systems on smaller screeens.

This is what first drew me to the iPhone. I bought into the cult at the iPhone 3gs. And I loved it. It was loads better than my Blackberry at a lot of tasks. However, it was embarassing to have the shiny new iPhone and not be able to copy and paste or sync my facebook contacts with my contact list. These features did come within the next year which made the iPhone almost comparable to Blackberry, PalmOS, and WinMO. Even with all of it’s functionality flaws the iPhone had 1 advantage. The app store. It took until the 4th generation iPhone to be on par with 4-5 year old devices from Palm, Windows, and Blackberry in functionality.

Even though the iPhone has always lacked in functionality, it has been successful because it brought the smartphone to the ignorant end user. It was the smartphone that was easy enough for ignorant users. I mean no offense by that as the word ignorant does not mean that someone is stupid just that they have not been taught or are not savy in that particular area. Steve Jobs figured out how to market a smartphone to dumb users. And the key to that success was the app store.

Why I Do Not Choose Apple

After a while of Apple being the only smartphone that normal people used Google decided it had to get into the market. Google failed hard with the G1 and even the G2. But eventually marketing Android, Google was able to get some traction. And Android is a great platform, but this post isn’t about Android. I personally planned on dropping my iPhone 3gs for Android but then Windows Phone 7 came.

Windows Phone 7 actual came out with a new idea. Windows Phone 7 is the iPhone of today. iPhone in 2007 changed the interface of a smartphone. But now 5 years later it is still the same old boring tile of icons. It would be like someone using PalmOS in 2010. Apple has grown complacent just like WinMO, Blackberry, and PalmOS did. They all got comfortable in their spots and Apple is doing the same thing with the iPhone. The iPhone is using a 5 year old OS that has not had any real changes. Sure there have been some additions but nothing that an app could not have brought. Luckily Apple has realized their stagnate state and is working on a new operating system but unless they present it right it will fail.

IPhone 5 And Apple’s New IOS6

For the iPhone5 and IOS6 Apple is going to not only have to make an impressive OS, which they haven’t done for 5 years, but also not change so much that the fanbois rebel. Apple is in a tough spot because they are losing so bad to Android that they need to actually be inovative again. They have gotten used to riding in the coattails of the original iPhone that they forgot how to invent. And with the loss of Steve Jobs that will be even harder. So IOS6? Will it live up to the standards? Will the iPhone5 actually challenge the norm like Steve Jobs used to, or will it just be another iPhone?

Oh I forgot why I don’t choose Apple:

  1. If you don’t own all Apple then you can’t use any one product to its potential
  2. IOS is old, ugly, bulky, and just a bad OS by todays standards
  3. It is expensive for no reason
  4. Desktop OS is like stepping back in time 10 years. Poor windows management, bad or lack of useful shortcuts, no games and/or software
  5. The Apple Attitude (Apple users are better than everyone)