Google Wants Data Not Users

In this day in age, I do not understand how people can support Google. They are easily the worst company when it comes to reasoning for it’s products. They will, and do, axe any product that does not mine enough of your personal data as it can. The will not keep a product alive because it makes them money and makes users happy if it isn’t harvesting the sufficient amount of data.

Google reader is amongst the many fallen products. And it isn’t even just axing products that their users love. A lot of companies have to cut expenses that may effect users. But google does it not to save money but to harvest more personal data.

Imagine if any other product or service you use did this? Would you stay with that company? It would be like Netflix stopping it’s normal streaming of movies and shows in favor of having someone come into your house and examine your life and decide what movies/shows you would like to watch. Or forcing you to have a Netflix phone that you carry with you all the time and transmits information back to Netflix to decide what you should watch. People so blindly pledge their allegiance to google and it blows my fucking mind.

Beyond the forcing products that it thinks you want, it also uses its monopoly on search and personal info to subdue you into uses what it wants you to use. Android is now nearly 90% of the global smartphone market and that is thanks to Google making you feel that you cannot live without it. To really drive the point home, they throw their weight around to make sure there is no competition. Google has gone as far as blocking google maps and youtube from windows phone users to try to force them into Android. I don’t know about you, but I will never let a company make that choice for me. And will never support a company that uses those kinds of tactics. Google literally screws over it’s own users to try to keep Microsoft out of the mobile market. You cannot be a google user with a Windows Phone because google will make sure you can’t. That is not a company I will ever support.