Does Android Really Have More Features Than WP7?

I personally admire the Android operating system as a mobile platform. However, even as a techie, I do not care for the extensive amount of work it takes to customize the platform. I know it is usable as is but not that usable. That said I have not used Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich yet so I am strictly speaking on previous versions of Android.

Windows Phone 7 Is The Best All Around Smart Phone

Windows Phone 7 is the best mobile operating system if you are looking for a reliable and responsive smart phone. It has much less of a learning curve than Android and most tasks that a common user would perform are much more efficient on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Just take a serious look at what most common users do on a smartphone.

Most Common Users’ Task For A Smartphone

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Crossplatform Gaming Is The Future Of Gaming

Gaming has come a long way since I was a kid with a Super Nintendo. In those days you mostly just played 2 player games with your friend or sibling sitting no more than 3 feet away from you. Then the Nintendo 64 brings in a couple more controller ports to add to the fun. But when internet connectivity came to gamin systems everything changed. When you buy a gaming platform what you see is not the only thing you get. We now have massive online multi-player games connecting us to anyone in the world. Also your system is no longer limited by cartridges and memory cards. One thing we have yet to really get into much at this point is cross platform gaming. Sure there are some games that you can play turn based on iOS and Android but that just isn’t enough.

Windows 8, Xbox Console, and Windows Phone All on Xbox Live

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