4 Days Until The Indianapolis Half Marathon

The race is only 4 days away now. Sadly, I slacked off from my training routine more than I should have the past week. And ate more than I should have for that matter. At one point I weighed in at about 209 but this morning am right around 211. I think I will likely settle around 210 by time of the race, which would be a total of about 8lbs lost in the 6 weeks of training. I was on track to be more like 208 but had a bad week the past week as far as my training to diet goes.

Below is the calendar that I had set from the begining (Sept-Oct). This turned out to be far too ambitious for my ability, so I stuck to the days for the most part but shortened the running. To date the farthest I have run without stopping is only 4.5 miles, but like I said in my last post here, we are going to do intervals. In our training we worked up to running about 4-4.5 miles non stop and then would walk/jog another 1-2 miles.

I would certainly be lying if I told you that this has been easy, and that I haven’t had my doubts or wanted to quit. There were so many days that I just did not want to get up and go outside to run. The first couple of weeks were kind of like a high. It felt good to get out and be active, and I was excited about the challenge. As the runs got longer and more time consuming it got harder to do them not just physically but mentally as well. But, if you are sitting around, thinking that you need to get into shape then committing to a half marathon is a good way to do it. I really enjoyed the 5k that I ran at the Indianapolis Heart Walk this year and really want to run more 5k’s to get my time down. So get out and start running. I haven’t gotten there just yet but come Saturday I will have gone for couch potato to a half marathon in 6 weeks.

Week 5 of 6 Training for a Half Marathon

Sorry I haven’t kept up better with blogging about my training. Due to being out of town and getting sick I have missed a few trainings. Most of the time I tried to make them up or just do a cut down version. In general over the past 5 weeks I have knocked my goal down a little bit for the event.

Week 5 Training Progress

The Indianapolis Marathon is coming up quickly. To date I am weighing in at 213lbs which is a bit heavier than week 2 but there are a lot of things that can go into that, but the important part is that my body fat is still showing about 27%. So far the farthest we have run without stopping is 4.2 miles and we kept about a 10 minute mile pace. This might not sound like much for having to run 13.1 miles here in a couple of weeks but I am not worried about it. We are starting to think that we might do the race like such:

  • Run 4.1 miles – 9 left
  • Walk .5 miles – 8.5 left
  • Run 3 miles – 5.5 left
  • Walk .5 miles – 5 left
  • Run 2.5 miles – 2.5 left
  • Walk .5 miles – 2 left
  • Run the last 2 miles

Hopefully, taking the half mile walking breaks keeps us from getting worn out without racking up too much time. With this we are hoping to finish probably around 2:30 to 2:45. I know 15 minutes is a bit of a range but I am really not sure how fast ‘running’ will be on those last couple of intervals.

I would say that overall the schedule that I came up with for training is pretty good, but a little bit too ambitious. We haven’t done the full training plan but we have stuck pretty close to the 4 workouts a week, just smaller distances than scheduled. In short, I think it is looking pretty good to be able to train for a half marathon in 6 weeks.

American Heart Association Indianapolis Heart Walk and 5k Run

2 Weeks of Training For A Half Marathon

Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks of training for my upcoming half marathon at the 17th Annual Indianapolis Marathon in October. I decided it would be a good idea to get at least one competitive run under my belt before jumping into a half marathon. This past Saturday there was a timed 5k for a good cause that Community Health Network (where I work) was a big part of. So, I signed my girlfriend and I up and waited excitedly for Saturday morning to roll around.

Community Health Network at The 2012 Indianapolis Heart Walk

Week 2 Stats – Half Marathon Training

I weighed in 6 pounds lighter this morning than when I started running 2 weeks ago with my body fat down a total of about 3%. For those that aren’t keeping track that would be 212lbs and about 27% body fat.

Morning Of My First 5K

We woke up early Saturday morning to make sure that we were ready for the race, starting off with some oatmeal, milk, and a little bit of coffee to get us going. To prepare our bodies we did a bit of stretching and for a warm up (and to get there) we biked about 3 miles. Arriving about 30 minutes before the race we had plenty of time to claim our bibs, visit a few booths for some free stuff, and get some water and healthy snacks that were provided. Up until this point I had never run in any sort of race and had never run quite that far before. In my training I ran 3 miles in about 31 minutes almost a week prior but I was hoping to finish the 3.1 miles in under 30 minutes.

Start of the Heart Walk 5k

The race started off crowded and slow as I assume many do. Less than half a mile in I was already not feeling great about the race. I started to wonder if I would be able to run the full 5k without walking and doubt started to set in. I was also having some pain in my shins, possible shin splints but I tried to get my mind back on the side of positive. At the first half mile there was a convenient hydration station that my girlfriend and I missed because we were on the wrong side of the sidewalk and the race was still pretty compact and crowded at this point. Getting closer to the first mile mark the crowd started to thin out and I was feeling as if the mile marker was coming too slowly. Not sure if it was the anxiety, anticipation, excitement, or what that was causing the doubt and the feeling that I was moving to slow. Or maybe the woman that just passed me while pushing a huge stroller, but 1 mile I was still not feeling great about the race.

Mid 5k – Getting in Pace

It was about 1.5 miles in when I started to turn my negative thoughts around and really started to feel good about the race. We were about half way done and I had my breathing down well, my shins didn’t hurt or I didn’t notice at least, and we had a comfortable pace going. Around mile 2 we really started to regret missing the first hydration station but other than that we were doing great.

Indianapolis Heart Walk Timed 5k Bibs
365 and 364: My girlfriend and I

Approaching That 5th K

At the 2.5 mile mark we found the second hydration station and with the crowd being very sparse now it was easy to get to. We walked a few steps while drinking but I was anxious to get back in stride. At this point I was feeling great and just trying to decide when I could start picking up speed without burning myself out before the finish line. In probably the last 4 tenths of a mile or so I picked the pace up by probably about 1 mile per hour and started to pass quite a few people.

Finishing My First 5k

Coming across the bridge I can start to see the finish line. At this point, I am a bit short of breath and really pushing myself. I passed one last person and then started to sprint. As soon as I picked up my pace the person I had just passed does the same. This, I think was a good thing, as it felt like I had to finish before her now so I ran even faster. At this point I could see the time as well and realized that I was going to be able to beat my goal of 30 minutes and every second started to matter as, for the first time, I really wanted a good time. As I passed over the sensors and heard the beeping I felt great. I was breathing heavy by now but felt that I could have run 3 more miles if needed. I grabbed some cold chocolate milk that they were offering and walked around a bit to cool down. Now I can’t wait to try to find other 5k or 10k races to prepare for the half marathon.

Couch Potato To Half Marathon in 6 Weeks – Can I Do It

Been trying a challenge that is a bit out of my norm lately. I am training for a half marathon. The 17th annual Indianapolis Marathon is coming up in October, and I decided it might be a good idea to do the half marathon. I have never been a runner but I have biked many 20-40 mile rides in the past. Though lately I have been a little out of shape, so why not try a new challenge.


Just for some perspective I am 5′ 11″ 218lbs with about 29% body fat according to my scale (hope that isn’t very accurate). I have always been built pretty well from growing up in construction work and working out but college ruined that and blessed me with a beer gut.

6 Weeks to Train For a Half Marathon

Going from somewhat of a couch potato to a half marathon in 6 weeks is likely crazy. Most of what I found online said that it can’t be done or at least shouldn’t be done. I however, really want to do it and so I looked over a bunch of different training plans for 10-12+ week half marathon routines, and ended up coming up with my own. I am aware that I can hurt myself so I am attempting to use caution. And I by no means plan to be first, I just want to do it.

I am starting this blog a little behind as I am already one week down and at the end of my first week I ran my first 5k(ish) in 31 minutes. To stay in the half marathon I will have to be able to do 13.1 miles with a 17:00min/mile pace. Which is pretty slow moving but for someone that isn’t in great shape it is still a lot of moving. To give you some basics for now I started out small and I am trying to work up slowly to be able to run 10 miles without stopping or with very little walking. I figure if I can do 10, then I can do 13.1 even if I have to walk the last 3. In one week I am down about 4lbs 2.4% body fat and can already tell a big difference from the first mile that I ran to the 3 miles that I ran 2 days ago.