4 Days Until The Indianapolis Half Marathon

The race is only 4 days away now. Sadly, I slacked off from my training routine more than I should have the past week. And ate more than I should have for that matter. At one point I weighed in at about 209 but this morning am right around 211. I think I will likely settle around 210 by time of the race, which would be a total of about 8lbs lost in the 6 weeks of training. I was on track to be more like 208 but had a bad week the past week as far as my training to diet goes.

Below is the calendar that I had set from the begining (Sept-Oct). This turned out to be far too ambitious for my ability, so I stuck to the days for the most part but shortened the running. To date the farthest I have run without stopping is only 4.5 miles, but like I said in my last post here, we are going to do intervals. In our training we worked up to running about 4-4.5 miles non stop and then would walk/jog another 1-2 miles.

I would certainly be lying if I told you that this has been easy, and that I haven’t had my doubts or wanted to quit. There were so many days that I just did not want to get up and go outside to run. The first couple of weeks were kind of like a high. It felt good to get out and be active, and I was excited about the challenge. As the runs got longer and more time consuming it got harder to do them not just physically but mentally as well. But, if you are sitting around, thinking that you need to get into shape then committing to a half marathon is a good way to do it. I really enjoyed the 5k that I ran at the Indianapolis Heart Walk this year and really want to run more 5k’s to get my time down. So get out and start running. I haven’t gotten there just yet but come Saturday I will have gone for couch potato to a half marathon in 6 weeks.