Easily Remove Unwanted Spam Emails or Newsletters You are Tired of With Outlook.com

Outlook.com just taught me a neat new trick that it has with the ‘Sweep’ drop down at the top. I opened one of my alias inboxes to see only a couple of spam-like emails that I would never want to see. Outlook.com was nice enough to have a little tool-tip that tells me I can easily get rid of unwanted emails with it’s sweep function.

Outlook.com Sweep Function To Keep Inbox Clean
A quick easy way to keep your inbox clean.

Outlook.com Sweep To Clean Out Your Inbox

When you are looking at an email from a sender that you don’t really care to be getting emails from anymore you can click on the ‘Sweep’ link at the top of outlook.com. When you select Sweep you will have 5 options which are, ‘Move all from…’, ‘Delete all from…’, ‘Unsubscribe’, ‘Schedule cleanup’, and ‘Manage rules’. This appears to be the typical ‘Move to’ and ‘Spam/Junk’ options that we typically see and of course the manage rules link. While I don’t think that there is any really new innovative ideas here, I do like how they have it packaged.

Move all from…

I can easily move everything from that sender to a new folder and have the option to send any new content from that sender to the same folder.

Delete all from…

I can delete all of the messages from this sender and also block any more from coming in from this sender.


Self explanatory but an easy way to unsubscribe from emails from that sender.

Schedule cleanup

Schedule cleanup is one that I do not think we see quite as common or at least not as front facing. When we click on Schedule cleanup we get a few options.

Outlook.com Sweep Schedule Cleanup
Help to automatically keep your inbox clean
  • We can keep only the latest message
  • We can delete all messages older than X number of days
  • We can move all messages older than X number of days in Y folder

This schedule cleanup function under the Sweep tab seems like a very useful tool to keep out inboxes clean and with an easy and intuitive way to do so. With this we can easily just auto archive messages from some senders that we might not want to delete per se, and we can have others that we just delete. I know all of this isn’t really new as we have been able to create rules for ages now. But I am impressed with the presentation and ease of use for those not so familiar with setting rules.

Manage rules

Lastly you can go and look at the rules that you already have set and set more as you please.