iView Remote Control For Slingbox

UPDATE: I just upgraded to the Slingbox 350 which you can use custom remotes for and found a remote that works nicely for the iView here.

I decided to dip my toes into Slingbox with a craigslist purchase of the SB240 for $25. I quickly realized to do what I wanted, I would need to get a TV tuner. So I settled on the iView DTV tuner/converter (you can find it here).

Like many of you who have purchased a Slingbox, I excitedly set it up and felt a bit giddy when I first saw the picture coming through on my laptop. Then I discovered the cleaver IR blaster used to change the channel as I was curious how that was accomplished anyway. So I set up the blaster and then tried to load in the iView IR codes. Of course iView likely being some cheap Chinese knockoff, Slingbox does not support it. To the forum.

I spent hours trying to find others with a similar setup of iView 3500 and Slingbox 240. With some of the newer Slingbox setups you can upload custom IR codes from what I understand but I couldn’t even find those codes anywhere. So, I was to the point of accepting it being on just one channel which is mostly fine as I just wanted sports. However, I decided to try to find other Chinese knockoff sounding remotes and just mashing buttons. Come time to finish setup I needed a remote because I had lost the physical remote.

After trying a lot of remotes with little to no success I found Qingdau Cable TV remote. When the remote loads, it looks similar to the original device remote, however it is all in Chinese or something so don’t expect to understand anything, of course unless that is your preferred language. I made a quick and dirty diagram of what buttons do what. If you happen to find more functions out of the button then hit me up in the comments. I will try to also make a list below of what we figure out.

iView Remote Control For use With Slingbox

Button Function List

Starting from the bottom left and moving up left to right

  • Blue -> channel down
  • Yellow -> # 4
  • Green -> List of Channels
  • Red -> # 8
  • Audio -> Audio Device
  • TAB -> # 5
  • Favorite -> USB Device
  • *(asterisk) -> # 6
  • #(pound) -> # 3
  • 7 -> # 0
  • Screen -> Favorites
  • Chinese English -> Program Guide
  • Mute -> Mute/unmute
  • P- -> USB Device
  • Menu (green middle) -> #9
  • Volume up/down -> Volume up/down
  • Back -> Back Button (only tested in menu)
  • Cursor Down -> Menu
  • Page Down -> Forward Button
  • Cursor Left -> Power on/off
  • Select/OK -> Last Channel/Previous Channel
  • SWAP -> Schedule

If you hover over the buttons you should see the name of the button appear. These are the button references that I use in this list.