Raspberry Pi For Carputer Project #RaspberryPI

For those of you who have not heard of the amazing little credit card sized computer that came available for order only a few days ago here is a link to the blog for the Raspberry Pi. I recommend checking out that link but in the mean time I can tell you this is a functional computer that is only about the size of a credit card. It has a nice amount of processesing power with a dandy little GPU on board as well. It is interfaced with HDMI, USB, and more. It is bare so you will have to either build it into some inclosure or keep your eyes out for a place that manufactures some for it. My plans for the Raspberry Pi are to build a carputer. I recently bought a new (to me) 2003 GMC Sonoma that currently has only an AM/FM stereo with no CD or Aux so obviously I am in need of some media center in my truck.

Raspberry Pi as a Carputer

My plans for a carputer would be to have a nice collection of my music with a handful of set playlists that fit some of my normal driving routes. I think I will set a few playlists for the morning commute to work and a some for the travel home, as well as longer playlists for when we drive to visit my family or my girlfriends family. Obviously, there is still the option to deviate from these set lists and play whatever I feel like but it will be nice to mostly not have to take my eyes off of the road to make modifications. The Raspberry Pi has an HDMI out which I am hoping to shop around to find a 7″ LCD touchscreen to work with it. There is also an audio out with I will likely hook up to an amp and possibly replace the stock speakers in the truck to get some premium sound. The Raspberry Pi relies the SD slot for storage, so I will be purchasing a 32GB or 64GB SD card to pair with my dessert. I considered only getting a 16GB but one of the big reasons that I bought a truck was for doing some outdoor adventures and/or travelling. Along these travels it might be nice to recline the seats and watch a movie or two so I would like to have a couple of our favorite go to flicks on board my SD. Of course I also have Netflix on my phone but considering we will likely be off the beaten path there might be network issues so a decent amount of onboard storage is a must.

I have only just ordered my Raspberry Pi yesterday so I am unsure of how long it will be before I can start tinkering with it, but I am highly excited to get started. I will definitely post a few blogs along the way with some pictures, reviews, and likely some of my failures and successes with the carputer.

Keep checking back to see when I get my dessert and what I do with it.

  • Someone on Twitter brought up a nice point about there being certain SD cards that are noted to work with Raspberry Pi and others that do not. You can look at the current list here.

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  • Sorry there has not been any new posts aobut the rPi carputer but I have yet to receive mine.  And not sure when I will get it.  Hopefuly i will taste some raspberry pi in june.