Fuse Labs Brought us So.cl And it is Actually Cool

Not sure how many of you have had the time to checkout So.cl, which is a social search site from Microsoft’s Fuse Labs, but it is surprisingly good. It is in beta so there are certainly some bugs but I feel like it is a great step into the direction of social discovery which is largely where things are moving towards. Many people currently will consult friends on facebook before making a purchase, finding a doctor, or deciding on new color patterns. So.cl takes it farther to not just your friends but everyone. You can have feeds for whatever you like and can get content from everyone on the site. Instead of just an rss feed from certain places or just content your friends share, you have a wide open view.

Idea Gathering From So.cl Social Search Engine

For example I started to follow the ‘food’ feed. From that feed I found a few cool ideas and found a specific person that I do not know at all that has great recipe posts with beautiful images. So I started to follow him. Within 1 minute or so I have 3 different recipes for random things that I would never think to search for but now can’t wait to make. I have also been using So.cl for web design and innovation ideas. It is such a smooth and quick way to look at various feeds and pull out the information you want or just things that catch your eye. It heavily promotes creativity, innovation, and exploration of new things.

Social Search Will Improve Innovation

With people stepping out of the box of searching for specific things based off of ideals they have already formed in their head we will produce more pure, raw, exploratory perspectives on things. Social searching can really speed up technology, design, UI/UX development, and many other things and industries. I highly recommend you go and check out So.cl. If you need an invite I might be able to spare one or two but they are first come first serve.