Free Redbox Rentals With Bing Rewards

Do you enjoy grabbing a Redbox movie once in a while?

I usually just use my Netflix, Crackle, Amazon Prime, or DVR my OTA channels, but sometimes that just doesn’t hit the spot. So I walk across the street to the Redbox. After having to do all the work of getting off of the couch and walking across the street the last thing I want to do is to pay for a movie.

Bing Rewards For The Win

I use both Google and Bing on a daily basis. By signing up for Bing rewards and using it for most of my searches I get enough rewards to get a free Redbox movie basically every week. There are also special reward point offers that can even bump that up more. I don’t know about you but I like getting freebies for stuff that I do everyday anyway.

So go and checkout Bing Rewards there is a referral bonus too but I will let you decided if you want me to have that bonus with a special link here.