Browser Brand Loyalty Can Cause You To Miss Out On Nice Features

I am likely much crazier about browsers than the normal user. Many people just use whatever was on their machine or whatever someone has told them to use in the past. And they never question it or explore different options. I am a constant user of Chrome, Firefox, and IE9 with some use of IE10, Opera, and Safari. For the most part I use Firefox for my web development, debugging, and general browsing, IE for Slacker Radio, iHeart Radio, Grooveshark, Woot, and a handful of other sites that use the pinned sites, and Chrome I use for web testing and some general browsing. Then I open up Opera and Safari for testing.

Firefox All The Way

For my first 6 or so years of owning a computer I used almost solely Firefox. I actually started with IE but as soon as I discovered Firefox, IE was out the door. Then Chrome comes out and I enjoyed it but not enough reason to switch over from Firefox. Around Firefox 4 or 5 I switched to Chrome because Firefox was constantly crashing and running terribly slow. I personally wasn’t and still am not the biggest fan of Chrome’s interface but it is a nice solid, fast browser. Around Firefox 9 or 10 I more or less switched back to Firefox being the primary just because of the developer tools. Internet Explorer was the last thing you would see me using. When I jumped ship from Firefox I actually used Opera and Chrome pretty much equally. Once I discovered IE9’s pinned sites I get excited that Microsoft actually made something decent, and not only decent but actually innovative. There are still no other browsers that have the capability. I was so torn because of all the years of loathing IE, it was hard to let anyone see me using it or tell anyone about it.

Every Browser Has Something Good About It (other than Safari)

Chrome is fast, Opera is fast, I have not found a good quality of Safair, Firefox has the best developer tools (in my opinion I know the other browsers all have tools too), IE9+ has pinned sites. If you haven’t used IE9 for it’s pinned sites, I suggest you do. Having only used IE in the past to install other browsers, I am a bit ashamed of this but I just realized that I have had this machine running for about a month and only have IE9! I somehow didn’t even notice that all I have been using at home is Internet Explorer! Oh the horror.

IE9 is fast, clean, rock solid, and it has pinned sites. That said I am installing Firefox as I type this. And it is because I have been working on my site and IE9 still lags a lot behind the other browsers with developer tools. But ther have been a good handful of people that I have told IE9 is actually pretty good and has one epic feature that no one else has. It is mostly the typical IE hate that spews afterwards and I know many of them has still never tried IE9. For some reason it seems like Safari and Chrome users are just stuck in their ways. Like they are the only browsers in the world. Firefox users seem a bit more open from my experience but Chrome users are like iPhanes from what I have seen. It kinda makes me laugh because browser (and tech in general) loyalty just makes you miss out on a lot of nice features.

Pinned Sites With Internet Explorer (Bye Bye Browser Brand Loyalty)
Pinned Sites With Internet Explorer (Bye Bye Browser Brand Loyalty)

Technology is all about the best tool for the job. And IE9’s pinned sites is the best for a lot of thing that many people do. The convenience of the jump lists and the music playback controls are just amazing when you are limited to one browser or always have your 24″ dual monitors cluttered with stuff. Right now I am listening to Slacker Radio and I can just hover over the taskbar and pause, play, like, or ban songs. It is so nice. And the skinning of the browser based on the favicon is kinda cool.