Bing Social Search is Awesome

If you haven’t tried Bing social search yet then I suggest you do so. Bing actually got it right this time around. Instead of search results being skewed or misplaced by social results, you get social interaction off to the side.

Bing Social Facebook Interaction

The social aspect is great for a lot of things, and I find it specifically helpful when I am trying to brainstorm different ideas. The social adds an aspect to the results that might not have been exactly what you were looking for but just what you needed. If you use Bing Social search for products you can see if your friends have any comments about the products or services right there. And even have conversation about the products on It also adds and easy and convenient way to share out various links from your search to your facebook friends.

One thing I can’t figure out though is why I can’t get Bing Social search working in Chrome on a different facebook account. Has anyone else had problems with the Bing social search not working? It just doesn’t show up at all after logging in and turning the social search on. Any help would be much appreciated or just share your problems to see if there is a common denominator.

  • Lerosbeef

    I’m in France and even if I set bing to USA and use my USA Live account I don’t see the right pane