Growing Grapes From Seeds Part 1 – Zone 6

Here I am going to document my attempt at growing grapes. These will be slow to release as they are just now seedlings. I have never done this before so hopefully my seedlings make it through.

Finding Seeds

Well for me this part was easy. I was walking in my neighborhood and saw a grape vine growing over someone’s fence in the alley. My wife and I picked a couple of grapes and ate them. They tasted great so I decided to keep the seeds and try to plant them. In hindsight, I wish I would have at least taken a picture of the vines as they have since been cut way back from some work done in the yard.

I Have Seeds, What Now?

Naturally I went to researching online. I read from several places that you need to simulate winter by refrigerating the seeds for a few months. Placing a damp paper towel, a small (maybe 1/2 cup) amount of potting soil and the seeds into a zip-lock bag should suffice. Then the bag was placed into my Add to kegerator which stays at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In early March I removed the bag, spritzed some water in it and placed it under grow lights in our house with our other seed starters for the rest of our garden.

After a couple of weeks I considered giving up but they weren’t taking up any valuable space so I left them. Today, to my surprise, I have 4 seedlings!

Seedlings after about 3 months at 40 degrees, then 1 month under grow lights at about 65-70 degrees.

I Have Seedlings! Not Sure I Expected To Make It This Far

Every seed that I kept sprouted! Today I removed them from the bag and planted them each in their own pots. I planted them using an organic Burpee planting seed starter mix brick that needed rehydrating. Use whatever you like, many of you know much better than I do, but it was what my wife had on hand.

Stay Tuned

It is likely just dumb luck that I ended up with 100% of the seeds sprouting. I think from here, as long as I keep them alive, I am going to plant 2 in the ground and keep 2 indoors. In my research I found mixed reports of growing the first year indoors vs outdoors, so I figured I’d try both. Oh, by the way, the reason we want grapes is to make wine 🙂