Xbox Live Update Public Beta Program

Looking to get the latest Xbox updates before everyone else?

Well you can sign up for the Xbox LIVE update public beta program right here. I just signed up but haven’t gotten the update yet. If anyone else has signed up for it I would like to hear about your results below.

I saw the link on a Facebook feed and went through the form to sign up. When I put in my gamertag I used lowercase, not thinking about how my gamertag is all upper, so I am not sure if that has an effect on why I haven’t gottne the Xbox update or not.

Internet Explorer on your Xbox 360

The two biggest things that I understand from the update are the addition of IE on the Xbox. So now you can browse whatever, whenever you want on your Xbox. Along with IE on the Xbox you will also get the ability to customize your home screen or dashboard. Which personally is one thing I have wanted to do for a long time. I don’t know any details about the release of the update but I am excited to hopefully get the Beta update soon. I will keep you all posted here.

Please comment below if you have signed up for the Xbox Live Update Public Beta so we can know what to expect.


For me it took a day or two to get the notification that I can go and download the registration app on my Xbox and get my product key. After I was able to do that I went through the instructions that the email provided, which ended with me waiting for notification that they were sending out the update.

Less than 2 days later I got on my Xbox and had the update notification presented to me. The update took about 5-7 minutes and BAM! IE on the Xbox as well as a pinned app tile for all of my favorite apps.

Xbox 2012 Public Beta Issues

Everything worked fine the first few days using beta. It was nice being able to search for anything and use Grooveshark’s HTML5 service right on the XBox. There is no Flash support which is expected and very welcome as I can’t stand flash. However, yesterday my Xbox was having a lot of network issues. It would connect to Live sometimes but other times it wouldn’t. It would also randomly disconnect from Live, as well it was even having problems just talking to my Windows 7 PC which I use to server up various video and music content.

I will update you all again in the next week or so to let you know how it goes and let you know of any discoveries I have. Comment below if you have any questions or input. I would like to know if anyone else is having the same connectivity issues as I was yesterday.

  • LonnieLevi

    Thank you for posting this. I have also been having issues with my PC connection and I end up having to restart my PC every time I go to watch or listen to anything. I too am glad that Microsoft chose not to include flash on IE.

    • I actually haven’t had any more connection issues.  It seemed like it was only on day 2 after installing the beta.  Hope the same happens for you.