Crossplatform Gaming Is The Future Of Gaming

Gaming has come a long way since I was a kid with a Super Nintendo. In those days you mostly just played 2 player games with your friend or sibling sitting no more than 3 feet away from you. Then the Nintendo 64 brings in a couple more controller ports to add to the fun. But when internet connectivity came to gamin systems everything changed. When you buy a gaming platform what you see is not the only thing you get. We now have massive online multi-player games connecting us to anyone in the world. Also your system is no longer limited by cartridges and memory cards. One thing we have yet to really get into much at this point is cross platform gaming. Sure there are some games that you can play turn based on iOS and Android but that just isn’t enough.

Windows 8, Xbox Console, and Windows Phone All on Xbox Live

With Windows 8 we are going to have the ability to play Xbox live games on our desktops. One thing that Microsoft is promising with Windows 8 is also cross-platform gaming. And by that I am talking about games that you can play across the Xbox system, your Windows 8 desktop, and your Windows Phone 7 or 8. I don’t know about you but this excites me. This will change family game night yet again. No more need to have board games collecting dust and taking up space. Just the other day I played a round of Monopoly on my HTC Titan with WP7 against my girlfriend. Just imagine later this year I might be able to do that with friends and family across the globe and across different platforms. So you don’t have to have an Xbox or a Windows Phone per say to be able to join in the fun. You can be sitting at your desktop or using your Windows 8 laptop or tablet while you are on the run to join in family game night. This can help a lot with people that have to travel for work but want to join in some board games with their family. Just take out their Windows 8 tablet or laptop and get into a game of Monopoly with their kids.

I don’t think that it is going to stop here either. Down the road I can see this expanding to the point that it doesn’t matter what game system you have you will be able to play with or against your friends. Microsoft is already starting to do a great job releasing Xbox live stuff for iOS and Android instead of trying to force users to a specific platform.

So what do you guys think? Excited about some cross-platform gaming?

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