Polar Bear Pedal: First Group Ride

I know so far most of my blogs have been technology related. One of my challenges of this blog is the diversity that I plan to post. As humans we are much more than just one thing. That concept has not carried into the world wide web very well yet. Most sites that have high traffic have a specific reason, goal, or interest. I plan to just blog about whatever I feel like writing about and hope to get some traction with it. As people we usually have more than one interest. I am a bit of a techie but I also love doing outdoorsy things, one of which being cycling. This morning I did my first group ride and it was awesome.

2nd Annual Mayor Ballard Polar Bear Pedal

For those of you who do not know this was a free event this morning to celebrate Indianapolis’ connected bikeways. Ironically we did not actually do any biking on bike paths, however it was still a great event. It was a 12.2 mile bike ride out to Marian University and back. And it was done in the snow at about 20 degrees with the wind chill probably int the teens or lower. I believe over 700 people signed up for this event. Of which I would guess we had at least 400-500 ride. Being my first group ride it was a bit intimidating especially considering the weather. I haven’t riden in such weather since I was in college either biking to class or delivering pizzas for Dominos. Below is a short clip of bikers at and arriving at the Major Taylor Velodrome, which is a bike racing course.

Whether you are a cyclist or not, events like this are just a lot of fun. If cycling isn’t your thing then I am sure their are plenty of other events that you can get involved with that are similar. Events like the Polar Bear Pedal can help to keep the community active and get people more acquainted with their neighbors. After how much fun I had at this event I plan to attend as many group cycling events in the Indianapolis area that I can. I encourage everyone to try to see what is available in their neighborhood like this. Even though I enjoy cycling this was a bit out of my comfort zone but ended up making my day.

Polar Bear Pedal Downtown Indianapolis

Images and video taken from my HTC Titan with Windows Phone 7.