Living In The City Of #SuperBowl #XLVI

I am writing this much later than I had planned on doing so, as I got caught up in the festivities of Super Bowl XLVI here in Indianapolis. At any rate I just wanted to write up a little blog with some pictures and maybe videos of downtown Indianapolis for those of you who could not make it to XLVI.

Beginning of Superbowl Village Events

About 9 days before the Superbowl people started to crowd the streets of Indianapolis. I got to take a stroll downtown and see the kickoff of the first zip liners, the team cars lined up by the circle, and various musicians and events at the different stages. Superbowl XLVI events were certainly off to a good start.

Actual Superbowl XLVI Weekend

From Thursday to Sunday of the actual Superbowl weekend my friends and I walked around downtown. We didn’t go the the NFL experience which I heard was awesome but a lot of waiting and we managed to have more fun than you can imagine to cram into one weekend. The streets got insane, especially on Friday night where it got to the point of not even being able to walk within a few blocks of the main stage. And of course if you wall watched Superbowl XLVI you know that it was a close and intense game with just made for a nice finale to an epic week. Enjoy a few pictures below and I will get more up later.

I will take more time to get some video of XLVI up at my Youtube channel and likely embedded at another post here. The next post will have some better quality photos and a little peak at the camera performance of my HTC Titan.