HTC HD2 Leo Running 8107 WP Bench

UPDATE: I have been getting traffic from people searching for “force 8107 update” so I don’t want anyone to be disappointed. Here is a link to do it force 8107 update

I opened up WP Bench this morning and saw that the newest device in their stats was the HTC HD2 Leo running WP7 8107. As some of you may or may not know the HTC HD2 Leo is natively and Andoid device but has been hacked to run WM6.5, WP7, and even Linux Ubuntu.

I personally find it pretty impressive that before the 8107 update has really even been released to very many real WP7 devices, some has already hacked it onto an Android device. I have seen a few different guides already showing you how to force the 8107 update to our WP7 devices, so I assume the method for getting onto the HD2 was similar.

How To Update Your Windows Phone 7 NoDo, Mango ,Tango, Apollo

I recently found out that probably half of the Windows Phone 7 users have not updated their phones to Mango yet. Being a techie this baffles me. But for the end user I suppose it could be understandable. The iPhone you always needed iTunes to update your phone and with Windows Phone 7 you need Zune. The difference is when you buy and iPhone you need iTunes to even use the thing at all so users are much more aware that the phone relies on iTunes. I am not sure if you still need iTunes with iOS 5 but historically you have.

Windows Phone 7 Updates

Windows Phone 7 (WP7) has been out for a little over a year and has had 2 updates pushed out. The first update was NoDo and was pushed out almost a year ago. The most recent was pushed out just last fall and was nicknamed Mango. A lot of users probably have no idea how to update because they are not familiar with the Zune software.

Zune is to WP7 as iTunes is to iPhone.

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Nokia Lumia 900 WP7 OS 8107 On WP Bench

I have been playing with my HTC Titan and decided to checkout the WP Bench app. For those of you that do not know, WP Bench is a benchmark app for Windows Phone 7. With WP Bench you can benchmark speed, display, and battery of your WP7 devices. My HTC Titan just scored 93.8 and 91.4 in the two tests that I ran. The speed test includes CPU (sequential and parallel), Data (memory and storage), and GPU (acceleration/fillrate). WP Bench is a nice tool to see how different WP7 devices stack up.

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WP7 LTE Devices As Early As March

One thing that Windows Phone 7 has yet bring to me is an LTE capable phone. My girlfriend has a work Android device that has LTE and the 5-9Mbs she gets on that does put my 2-5Mbs to shame on my HTC Titan. Of course my Titan still owns the speeds on most iPhones that isn’t enough to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Nokia Ace

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Windows Phone 7 Has Too Many Great Features

Yesterday, I made a little post about some of the great built in features of Windows Phone 7. On my way home I instantly realized that I left out one of the greatest features of the phone and it isn’t even a tile. It is a capacitive button on the bottom right of the front of the phone. This my friends is the search button. I will dedicate this post solely to Bing on the Windows Phone 7 because I feel bad for leaving him out yesterday and there is a lot to cover.

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Why Would Consumers Shoot Themselves In The Foot?

I am a big advocate of Windows Phone 7. Love it, hate it, deal with it. Many people have their favorite platform for various reasons. This is not about how much better WP7 is than IOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, WebOS, or any of that. Just a little rant about the overall ignorance of the masses and a bit about my platform history.

Consumers Are, At The Moment, Working Towards Killing Off The Options Of Consumer Smart Phones

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Simple Things That Make WP7 Awesome

One of the reasons Windows Phone is not a huge hit yet is that people do not realize how awesome a lot of the simple features are and how much it has to offer over the competition. Here is a quick list of some things that you can do just from these few default tiles.

Me Live Tile

It’s all about you baby.

  • View Facebook Notifications
  • Post to Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Windows Live
  • Change profile picture for Facebook and Windows Live
  • “Check in” which you can post to fb/twitter/windows live/linkedin
  • See “what’s new” with facebook/twitter

People Hub Live Tile

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