Disc Drivin’ Quick Sand – Don’t Anger The DD Gods

Disc Drivin’ Phantom Floor

You win some, you lose some. And sometimes Disc Drivin decides to give your opponents a leg up at your expense. This isn’t the first time I have seen this happen and I am sure it won’t be the last. Not sure yet the rhyme or reason of this ‘bug’ but it only seems to happen if you are landing and have used your speed boost.

Setting Up For Failure

Little does he know, that this swipe will not get him the edge on the competition. Instead it will drop him through the floor.

Setting Up For Failure

Boost And Jump – Looking Good

The turn is still looking good here for mister 1st place, however the DD gods are not happy with him.

Zoom Zoom Jump Shortcut

Coming In For The Landing

Still looks like a perfectly fine turn but there is a certain evil lurking.

Coming in For a Landing on Zoom Zoom

Wait What? Quicksand‽

Where’d he go?

Quicksand on Disc Drivin'

Remember to never anger the DD gods or you might just fall through the floor.

Disc Drivin’s Dreaded Bumper Beware Winning Jump

In case you didn’t know, Disc Drivin’ is the best iOS game around. It is the main reason one might own an iDevice actually. This will likely be one of a series of Disc Drivin related posts as this blog is about things I am interested in. DD as it is commonly referred to at work, is an integral part of our team. It gives us a nice couple of minute break, some competition, and some common ground on which we can all relate.

Bumper Beware – A Deadly Course

Bumper Beware is by far one of my most favorite courses in DD. The fairly simple jump that takes a bit of planning can make for a fun comeback or just a way to lap people and laugh. In case you do not know what I am referring to there will be some screenshots below.

Step 1 – Placement

Like most shortcuts in Disc Drivin’ placement before the jump is key here. Also: Don’t Try this without prior power up.
Bumper Beware Jump Step 1 - Placement

Setp 2 – Timing of The Jump

Along with this step it is worth noting that your speed is important and for this jump you should be able to go close to full speed.
Step 2 Timing of The Jump


This is less of a step and more of an outcome of careful preparation and flawless execution. Well Done!