Wireless Charging Is So Close To Being Useful

Right now we are seeing wireless charging in some of our shiny new smartphones. Some people say it isn’t really wireless blah blah, it is, but it isn’t terribly useful in most situations because you do have the cord for the pad. So lets get rid of that cord.

We Should Start Seeing Difference Surfaces With Built In Wireless Charging/Power

The future of wireless charging/power is in many different surfaces. We are already starting to see cars that are equipped with wireless charging which is very useful. If it works like the JBL Nokia Speaker Dock where the NFC also initiates the BT connection to start music playback (or at least I assume that is how it works) then it will be awesome.

But how great would it also be if when we walk into work and sit down at our desks we could just set our phone down on the desktop and it would charge? Instead of having to have a wired charging pad the wires are all hidden away somewhere and the desk itself is plugged in.

Let’s Take Wireless Charging Into The Bathroom

Now lets imagine that our bathroom countertop is connected into our homes power and the whole surface is capable of wireless charging. Now you can have your toothbrush, shaver, detailer, or even wireless straighteners, curlers, etc all charged up without wires. I don’t know about you but the car and bathroom are two of the most annoying places to have multiple wires hanging around.

Wireless Charging In The Living Room

This one seems it might be a bit trickier as you likely don’t have standard built in that you put your devices on. Instead a lot of tend to put our devices on coffee tables and end tables. So maybe we have a retractable cord on our coffee table that we can plug in when we need it and have our laptop, tablet, or phone just sitting on the coffee table charging. Or if we get really extreme have our floor setup for wireless charging and the coffee table serve as a sort of pass-through that can bring it up to the level. Hopefully by that point we have wireless charging that has a longer range but still an idea.

Another Exciting Use of Wireless Power is The Kitchen

Here I am talking more about wireless power than wireless charging, which I am not sure how it works but just stick with me. Right now I have a microwave, toaster oven, Kitchenaid mixer, and coffee pot on my counter. I would love it if none of them had any cables but instead the counter top was powered up like the QI charging and these items just powered by sitting on the counter. To take this even a bit further, it would be cool if we can get maybe 1-2 foot range on the wireless power for things like hand mixers which are not in contact with the counter when they are in use. Of course these could be battery powered instead and charge on the counter but who leaves those out on the counter?

Cincinnati Bengals First Back To Back Playoff Seasons In My Lifetime

I don’t blog much on sports but I am an avid Bengals fan and seeing them make it to the playoffs 2 years in a row is huge for me. Not sure that I have any Bengals fans that ever check this site but I am just psyched about this. I started being a Bengals fan in the days of Esiason which I remember back to about the age of 3 or 4 years old.

Bengals Going to The Superbowl?

Not likely, sadly I expect they lose in the first round. That said I think the Bengals can beat the Patriots because of how their defense has been and because Patriots likely won’t be able to stop Green, Jones, Hawkins, and Gresham. Would be quite amusing to see a San Fransisco and Cincinnati Superbowl happen again as that is the only team the Bengals have played in their 2 Superbowl appearances. I imagine we will see a high scoring game in the first round of the playoffs this year.

So let me know below what you think of the Bengals or general thoughts on who will be in the Superbowl XLVII.

Working With The Microsoft Surface RT

There are many people that are out looking to get a ‘tablet’ so they do not have to pull out their 8lb laptop when they want to check email, surf the web, or track their daily calories. I don’t know if very many people actually use a laptop for calorie tracking but I doubt it. For all exstensive purposes I will be talking about the Surface with touch cover. It is, in my opinion the only way to go and should be sold for $499 with the cover. But at $599 with cover it is on par with or cheaper than you will spend on a similar setup with a new iPad.

The Good Things About Working With Surface RT

The form Factor: It is light, thin, and versatile.

Weighing in under 2lbs with the touch cover is a pretty impressive feat with a 10.6″ screen and several usable ports like the USB, HDMI, headphone, and microSD. Oh and there is a built in kick stand that does it’s job elegantly and hides away nicely. This baby can easily slip into my girlfriends purse, a backpack, or just be carried around and the keyboard is a nice protective cover. Granted I haven’t dropped my Surface yet so I don’t know how much protection it will offer in reality. With the touch cover you can easily use the Surface like a full fledged laptop on a flat surface like a desk, table, etc. Also with how solid the kickstand is, it is easy and comfortable to use the Surface in your lap. The lap position isn’t as versatile as a laptop because it is not as rigid as a laptop and only has one angle but it is still very usable. The 16:9 is wonderful in landscape for media and in portrait it is nice for longer websites and Nook or Kindle reading.

File System

Doing web development, I obviously deal with a lot of files. Having Skydrive nicely integrated and having a full featured, easy access file system is a great asset when developing.

The App Ecosystem

Hold on a second and let me explain. The ecosystem isn’t there just yet for everything but, being a Windows machine you can clearly see that the device has developer minded people behind it. There have already been a lot of code editor apps to hit the marketplace and this excites me. I haven’t found one that I like as much as Notepad++ just yet but I know it will be there shortly either with an update to the already impressive list of editor apps or a new one coming along.

Full Screen Browser, Multi-tasking, Charms, Gestures, Snap, and App Switcher

I lumped these together because in my use they are the bread and butter of what makes the device such a joy to use and they all basically go hand in hand. As a web developer I am obviously excited about the future of web apps. I have never been a fan of native apps, even when I was on iOS. Oops started drifting, back on. The full screen browser is just beautiful, it really just puts the web in front of you without any other junk. The multi-tasking is similar, tied in with how you switch apps it is just out of the way and just works fast and fluid. Instead of having a cluttered desktop with various sized windows stacked on top of each other things just get out of the way and are a simple flick from being front and center again. And of course if someone is chatting you up, you need to check emails, or are testing your mobile sized web work then snap is a beautiful answer to that. The gestures and charms really tie everything together. Instead of hunting around for where an app put it’s settings or other core functionality, you know they are a flick from the right away. Also a short swipe from top or bottom will bring you the other options the app brings and they will get out of your way when you are done.

Built in Remote Desktop is Second to None

Lets face it, in its infancy Windows RT does not have everything you could possibly need as far as apps go so you have to get on your desktop. But wait, instead of walking all the way up stairs and pausing your movie you can just RDP. As a bonus if you are remoting into a Windows 8 machine you even still have all of your wonderful gestures. RDP to a Windows 8 machine feels like you have full Windows 8 on your Surface RT with a bit of lag in a few areas.

The Bad Things About Developing on Surface RT

I can sum this all up in one word. Apps. While RDP is a good solution, it isn’t always the desired one. I need some Ruby on my RT for SASS, filezilla, and more browsers to test on. Sure there is browser stack but it isn’t the same.

Pin Facebook Chat To Your Start Screen

With Windows Phone’s deep facebook integration I never open the actual Facebook app and I rarely check Facebook on my computer. This I recently found can cause me to miss some party planning if someone decides to use Facebook chat to plan the party. One thing you can’t do with WP’s Facebook integration is group chat, so you have to actually open the Facebook app for it. Booooooo.

So if you open up the Facebook app and go to messages you have an option to pin it to your start screen. You should also change your settings if you haven’t already (I hadn’t) to allow for push notifications on messages.

The Facebook apps push notifications do not appear to be working at this time. I tested on an HTC Titan with WP7 and a Lumia 920 with WP8 with no success. Hopefully Facebook fixes this as it will make this post much more useful

Microsoft Surface Blog Post With Dictation

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