Xbox Live Update Public Beta Program

Looking to get the latest Xbox updates before everyone else?

Well you can sign up for the Xbox LIVE update public beta program right here. I just signed up but haven’t gotten the update yet. If anyone else has signed up for it I would like to hear about your results below.

I saw the link on a Facebook feed and went through the form to sign up. When I put in my gamertag I used lowercase, not thinking about how my gamertag is all upper, so I am not sure if that has an effect on why I haven’t gottne the Xbox update or not.

Internet Explorer on your Xbox 360

The two biggest things that I understand from the update are the addition of IE on the Xbox. So now you can browse whatever, whenever you want on your Xbox. Along with IE on the Xbox you will also get the ability to customize your home screen or dashboard. Which personally is one thing I have wanted to do for a long time. I don’t know any details about the release of the update but I am excited to hopefully get the Beta update soon. I will keep you all posted here.

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Getting Started With SASS on Windows

If you have yet to start using a CSS preprocessor then now might be the time to take a look. CSS preprocessors are a great way to add a little bit of logic and code reusability to CSS. CSS preprocessors, like SASS and LESS, will give you things like variables, mixins, and operations. These are all things that are common in most programming languanges but have not been implemented into CSS. As the name suggests a CSS preprocessor will process your code before hand, turning it into valid, usable, and often compressed CSS files.

SASS Installation For Windows

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