Upgrading Windows 8 Release Preview From 8250 to 8400

UPDATE: I did not go through with the install last night because I was on my work laptop and the only option in the upgrade was to keep NOTHING. My IT department would likely be angry if I wiped everything off of there and I am not 100% positive I would be able to get back up and running with my work VPN setup. At any rate, I plan to install Windows 8400 on my netbook which currently has 8250 build also.

I was excited about all of the rumors of Windows 8 Release Preview being rumored to come out early. When I checked for updates on my Windows 8 8250 machine I saw that I had 23 updates. Excited, I thought that maybe the 8400 update would come like service packs usually do just in big updates.

Windows 8 Release Preview Requires an Upgrade

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Free Redbox Rentals With Bing Rewards

Do you enjoy grabbing a Redbox movie once in a while?

I usually just use my Netflix, Crackle, Amazon Prime, or DVR my OTA channels, but sometimes that just doesn’t hit the spot. So I walk across the street to the Redbox. After having to do all the work of getting off of the couch and walking across the street the last thing I want to do is to pay for a movie.

Bing Rewards For The Win

I use both Google and Bing on a daily basis. By signing up for Bing rewards and using it for most of my searches I get enough rewards to get a free Redbox movie basically every week. There are also special reward point offers that can even bump that up more. I don’t know about you but I like getting freebies for stuff that I do everyday anyway.

So go and checkout Bing Rewards there is a referral bonus too but I will let you decided if you want me to have that bonus with a special link here.

Fuse Labs Brought us So.cl And it is Actually Cool

Not sure how many of you have had the time to checkout So.cl, which is a social search site from Microsoft’s Fuse Labs, but it is surprisingly good. It is in beta so there are certainly some bugs but I feel like it is a great step into the direction of social discovery which is largely where things are moving towards. Many people currently will consult friends on facebook before making a purchase, finding a doctor, or deciding on new color patterns. So.cl takes it farther to not just your friends but everyone. You can have feeds for whatever you like and can get content from everyone on the site. Instead of just an rss feed from certain places or just content your friends share, you have a wide open view.

Idea Gathering From So.cl Social Search Engine

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Bing Social Search is Awesome

If you haven’t tried Bing social search yet then I suggest you do so. Bing actually got it right this time around. Instead of search results being skewed or misplaced by social results, you get social interaction off to the side.

Bing Social Facebook Interaction

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Want To Know The Best Smartphone Ever

Just ask Siri on your iPhone 4s and she will certainly tell you what the best smartphone ever is.

For those of you who do not know, the responses that you get when you ask Siri what the best phone is usually is just a programmed response meant to be funny and will never actually tell you anything helpful. However, the programmers seemed to have let a few queries slip through the cracks. More or less just adding the word “ever” to the end of your query seems to give you a real response instead of some forced programmed response.

Nokia Lumia 900 – Best Smartphone EVER

The numbers don’t lie. For the average user the Nokia Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever. Obviously for some people there are reasons to choose a different device but many are doing themselves and injustice by not considering a WP7 in their smartphone choices. Not just the Lumia line have awesome customer reviews. Almost every single WP7 sold has been in the top customer reviews on many different sites. Because it is simply awesome. The Windows Phone 7 operating system is beautiful, fast, intuitive, and just a joy to use.

So go get your hands on one and see for yourself. If you don’t like it all the carriers have easy return policies.

Browser Brand Loyalty Can Cause You To Miss Out On Nice Features

I am likely much crazier about browsers than the normal user. Many people just use whatever was on their machine or whatever someone has told them to use in the past. And they never question it or explore different options. I am a constant user of Chrome, Firefox, and IE9 with some use of IE10, Opera, and Safari. For the most part I use Firefox for my web development, debugging, and general browsing, IE for Slacker Radio, iHeart Radio, Grooveshark, Woot, and a handful of other sites that use the pinned sites, and Chrome I use for web testing and some general browsing. Then I open up Opera and Safari for testing.

Firefox All The Way

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Tablets Are The Most Redundant Pieces Of Technology

Well maybe I am just being a bit cynical but, tablets do not bring anything to the table. Seriously think about it for a second. What does a tablet do that either the phone or laptop can’t do. Not only that they can’t do but that they can’t do better than a tablet does. Today’s “tablets” are less portable cell phones that generally don’t make calls and have crappy cameras. Or if you try to compare them to a laptop then yes they are more portable but with very limited functionality and a need for extra peripherals to perform tasks almost as efficiently as a laptop.

Today’s Tablet is Nothing More Than A Status Symbol

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